The forgotten race

Racism is something that has plagued our society, and the world, for as long as we can remember.

Truthfully, it will likely be an issue long into our future as hate seems to be second nature to our species.

When people talk about race there are frank discussions about what is considered racist and what isn’t, as well as who can and can’t be. Continue reading


Tablet typing

Well, let’s give this a try.

Type, type, type, type… Oh for fuck sake.

Owning a tablet is great, it’s compact and easy to take places. This fact is especially obvious right now as I’m travelling for a month and did not want to tote around my laptop.

Trying to be more on top of writing blogs I tried to purchase a keyboard case to help make writing easier. Unfortunately, I was not able to get one prior to my departure without being willing to drive a million places, the downside to living in a small town.

So here I am typing away on the built-in keyboard, cursing as my fingers hit the wrong buttons, some letters are capitalized for what seems like no reason, and all the shortcomings of this piece of technology become more and more obvious.

Oh…. Oh crap… well that’s the last straw for me,  just accidentally deleted half a paragraph.

I’m done.

Where we live

We live in a country that was built on the lies and trickery of immigrant “leaders” and we are now expected to forgive and forget.

The land was taken, addiction and disease introduced, while a people who had spent thousands of years cultivating, living, and respecting the land were forced into camps that would soon become their “home”.

We live in a country where families were torn apart and abuses we would not wish upon our enemies were handed down to children. Continue reading

Tea wisdom— be curious


As we get older we often lose the sense of wonder that took us through life as a child.

The positive outlook that brightened our eyes with wonder is often diminished as the stresses and expectations of adulthood wear us down.

Despite the hard times and the moments that make us weak, it’s import to never completely lose what made small moments spectacular, and everything a possibility for fun.

Curiosity is an important part of the human mind; it keeps us young, keeps us active, and keeps us growing not just as individuals but also as a society.

While we get older curiosity can come in many forms—whether it’s something as small as getting out into nature, big such as travelling the world, or life changing such as going back to school or starting a family—everything impacts our path in life and opens our eyes to a different world.

Life is a curious thing and as long as we can all keep our curious minds, there’s nothing that can diminish our spirits, or prevent us from reaching our goals and living the lives we always wanted.

So as you live your life, keep in mind the words I have have shared with you today, or even just those of a warm cup of tea— be curious.

1 cat, 2 cats, 3 cats, more?

Found in their hiding space

Two kittens found hiding in one of our trucks

There are a couple of unexpected guests that have joined our household and boy are they cute.

Despite their cuddly nature, these little visitors should not even exist as they have clearly been abandoned, another domestic pet thoughtless thrown out into the country, left to die or be found… the person getting rid of them clearly not caring which way it goes.

Much like the human population being too high for earth; cities, towns and rural communities all over the world experience the same issues when it comes to domestic pets, unwanted and unloved.

Cutest little lady to even sit in this truck.

Cutest little lady to ever sit in this truck.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why people will not, or cannot, acknowledge the importance of having pets spayed and neutered. Sure it isn’t cheap, but by continuously letting pets get pregnant and then surrendering or abandoning the offspring you are not only putting a lot of stress on your animal, but also costing others people a lot of money.

When I found Chev and his sister, aptly named after the vehicle on our property they were using as protection, I called a local not-for-profit shelter to see if I would be able to bring them in, as my dogs have not been introduced to cats. Unfortunately, the shelter informed me that they were filled to capacity with 30 cats looking for homes, and more in foster care.

Playful and adventurous Chev.

Playful and adventurous.

A sign of just how bad it is in this area, the shelter is also in the midst of building a newer bigger home in order to meet the needs of all the unwanted pets in our area, a building I’m sure still won’t be able to bring in as many unloved pets as there are in this area.

Disappointed, but still determined to find them a home, I took to Facebook in hopes that someone was looking for a couple fur-babies. Signing on I was greeted with postings about roughly 15 to 20 other kittens that needed homes, and I’m sure that number will continue to rise as these cats have kittens and so on and so forth, as well as not truly representing the number of cats currently out there.

“Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed and neutered.”
― Bob Barker

A Contrasting Blend

We live in a black and white world, did you know?

Now that’s a theory that’s hard for me to digest, but when it comes to opinions, beliefs, and causes, it seems a large number of people think that is the way it works.

The world is a black and white place, but it’s also gray, pink, blue, yellow, red, and a vast assortment of colours that weave together to create a complicated global community, as well as a complicated mind.

Like the governments that run our countries, historically things have been extremely divided, and without a colour to be seen. Left, Right, Democrat or Republican. Parties that today rarely represent the complete set of ideals every citizen has and something that never seems to make anyone happy.

But hey, misery is the name of the game when it comes to being a politician, or anyone of power or influence, damned if you do, damned if you don’t, hell don’t even talk about it because you’re wrong no matter what.

Canada’s government has greatly shifted towards having more of an equal representation, however, majority parties take away from this improvement as no one political view should be running a country in its entirety.

What we see today, as the minds of the people continue to adapt and change, is a clash of ideals, and not only with the government. Continue reading

A little too much info, and a little bit of slacking

It’s been a while since I’ve typed up a blog, despite the fact that I’ve started several.

My world has been experiencing lots of change over the months and I could not be more excited and relieved that things are finally allowing me to find inner piece.

Since my last post, the biggest game changer has been my job. After four years (I’d say two that I enjoyed) a job where the company didn’t give two shits about my coworkers or me and rarely, if ever, acknowledged our hard work, I QUIT!!!

With no immediate plans, except the idea of doing freelance and actually making something of my photography, I left a steady but absurdly low paying job that I had been educated for and somewhat enjoyed.

It’s sad when a company has the ability to suck every ounce of joy you get from something you spent years going to school for.

Continue reading

The revolt of technology

Technology, there’s really nothing quite like it, nor is there anything that so easily steals what little money you have in your pocket…. well except vehicles, but don’t even get me started there.I’ve been fairly silent lately as I’ve been busy but also I loath the technology that allows me to write, even though it’s not completely the fault of my laptop.

I’ve been fairly silent lately as I’ve been busy but also I loath the technology that allows me to write, even though it’s not completely the fault of my laptop.

I own a very nice laptop, or should I say I owned a very nice laptop until the most expensive night in resulted in it getting a shower on my deck.

Spending the money to get it fixed I swallowed my pain as I realized I lost many of the pictures I had on the laptop as I had not backed it up prior to the shower…. I know, I know, stupid me.

Getting the computer back it’s been sluggish at best since then but I was at least still able to use it for work and for writing until the other week when my word program decided to just stop working.

Sure it might have to do with the fact that I had documents open in it for weeks, but alas I’m stuck with the dreaded programs that come with my laptop, like text edit.

For those who aren’t writers this might not be a big deal, hell maybe for anyone this isn’t a big deal but to me it is and having borrowed the program from work, using a disc that has since been lost by a coworker, I am up the creek without a paddle as they say.

Currently, I am writing this with the dreaded text edit. There is no reason for me to hate this inanimate object or program so much, after all, it does exactly what it’s supposed to, write. But the fact is I still do.

The simplicity of it bothers me, the lack of creative options is annoying, and my OCD does not tolerate it. After all, I’m perfectly capable of crafting what I like to consider witty thought-provoking pieces on just about anything. Hell, I wrote my last column for work on my smart phone using the memo program that only allows a limited number of characters in each file.

There I was sitting in the doctor’s office writing memo after memo about my hatred for PETA, which I have to admit is a deceiving way to write as it always makes your work seem sooooo much longer than it actually is.

Since I am writing this on a dreaded program I’m going to keep it short, I just thought I might as well check in since it’s been so long.

Off of work this week I had very few options for where I could write my program, but as I’m back to work next week I shall have to take half an hour or so at least once or twice a week to craft something up and keep this blogging attempt moving forward.

Off work this week, I had very few options for where I could write my program, but as I’m back to work next week I shall have to take half an hour or so at least once or twice a week to craft something up and keep this blogging attempt moving forward.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt