As letters fade from the paper

last week

Although the Last Week Tonight segment pictured above focuses on newspapers in the US, here in Canada we are very much in the same scenario.

Having worked for a small community paper I am very much aware of how important the newspaper industry is when it comes to getting information out to the community, and holding people accountable.

Using this video as an example, one of the most disturbing parts of the segment is where the journalist states that as newspapers decline, and true journalism disappears, political corruption will increase.

Our society has come to a point where we believe we are owed news coverage and that it is our right. This belief has made it so that people are unwilling to pay for the news they receive, which means companies producing it do not make money off of hard-hitting stories about things that matter, but rather the ads that pay the bills and now likes and emotion icons.

More and more we see big companies buying out papers and shutting them down. Currently, many of the papers across Canada are owned by one company, a company that does not shy away from its conservative views.

“Journalism” and “journalists” that are biased.

To me, Journalism is important, but as we allow it to be diluted and bought it becomes what we see taking over today’s media.

We do have a right to information but most of us do not have the time to wade through all of the data, speak with all of the newsmakers, and get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

There once was a time when journalists did and were able to do so without having to get a second job just to pay the bills. One day I hope that we can go back to that as we deserve to have all the facts.

We deserve to be in the know and have those in power know it.