Tea wisdom— be curious


As we get older we often lose the sense of wonder that took us through life as a child.

The positive outlook that brightened our eyes with wonder is often diminished as the stresses and expectations of adulthood wear us down.

Despite the hard times and the moments that make us weak, it’s import to never completely lose what made small moments spectacular, and everything a possibility for fun.

Curiosity is an important part of the human mind; it keeps us young, keeps us active, and keeps us growing not just as individuals but also as a society.

While we get older curiosity can come in many forms—whether it’s something as small as getting out into nature, big such as travelling the world, or life changing such as going back to school or starting a family—everything impacts our path in life and opens our eyes to a different world.

Life is a curious thing and as long as we can all keep our curious minds, there’s nothing that can diminish our spirits, or prevent us from reaching our goals and living the lives we always wanted.

So as you live your life, keep in mind the words I have have shared with you today, or even just those of a warm cup of tea— be curious.


Silver lining… or is it orange? Red?

Welcoming sunrise

Welcoming sunrise

I won’t deny that I am not even remotely a morning person. I love to sleep and I thoroughly enjoy the warmth and comfort of my bed in the morning.

In Alberta, summer days are long and start early. For those further south, a 4 am start to the day can be hard to get used to, but the 11 pm sunset is much easier to stomach.

Not being a morning person summer sunrises are a rarity for me to witness and I have to admit I don’t lose any sleep over it, especially when it makes for long days that can be spent outdoors enjoy the sun and the warm temperatures.

But now that things are beginning to cool down, so is the sun.

Instead of 4 am sunrises that bright ball of gas doesn’t rare its head until 8 am, and sadly leaves us way too soon.

What started as nearly 20 hours of sunlight has quickly turned to only 12 and sadly soon it will only be eight.

Although the disappearing sun can be depressing, there is a silver lining to that cloud, because later sunrises mean I don’t miss out on the fiery skies of the morning.

At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.
― Norman Maclean