Politicians think we’re stupid


The US election is finally over, thank goodness.

At times I felt as if it was never going to come to an end, almost like it was some sort of Rob Zombie version of the Never Ending Story.

Trump is the president-elect, and although I’m not necessarily thrilled about this and what its implications may be, I believe there is an important issue we need to address.

Politicians think we’re stupid, and we’re playing into it.

There was once a time when people were highly involved in how their countries were being run, and when everyday citizens took it upon themselves to ensure politicians were doing what was important to them.

No, not everyone had the same viewpoint and at times there were clashes between the elite and everyday people, but ultimately we held politicians accountable and helped to ensure that they were doing their job.

Fast forward to today and we see countries in North America where a 60 per cent voter turnout is considered a success and people simply turn to Facebook and social media to air their grievances, fully understanding that that is pretty much where it ends.

We have come to a point where we no longer have discussions, but rather hurl insults, or cover our ears and sing, every time we hear or see something we don’t agree with.

Do we now live in a world where its equality for all until it’s found out your red or blue?

I find it sad that political party affiliation, or political spectrum standings, have become the latest insults to be thrown around.

Whether it’s the “alt-right racist” assumption or the “libtard” accusation, these forms of verbal abuse do nothing to improve our country and continue to feed into the idea that the people have been dumbed down.

Politics is tricky. It’s complicated and many people do not understand just how the nitty gritty details impact daily life.

Unfortunately, this fact is almost used against us, as politics has become an even bigger “show stopper” than the UFC, with almost no discussion about policies taking place during campaigns and parties gain votes by pandering to the lowest educated citizen.

I expect this behaviour from the likes of Jersey Shore, or Survivor, but can we stop talking about hair and fighting amongst each other long enough to look at the real issues, and a candidate’s actual platform?

We now live in a society where politics and politicians are dividing us. No matter what side you sit on the other candidate is doing their best to dumb down the other and their followers.

Do we actually expect anything to be achieved when we can’t even be civil long enough to have a discussion about what is best for our country and the people that live within its borders?

No good can come from a majority government, especially when that government does not value its citizens, their diversity, and their opinions.

As voters, and as taxpayers, we need to stop the hatred between us and start focusing our attention on those that have taken the power from us by pandering to us.

We need to realize that a government will never be successful if we as a people are not involved.

Politics is for the people and it’s about time the people take it back.

As a country, both in Canada and the United States, we need to unite and ensure that what our leaders do is in our best interest and will lead to a better tomorrow where all people have success and opportunity.


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