Humans—a science experiment gone wrong

Humans—we are a peculiar breed.

No one can make sense of the things we do, and we seem hell bent on making ourselves obsolete.

Somehow, despite our best and worst efforts, we’ve been able to hang on for a few millennia. Ruining everything we touch and behaving very much like an infectious plague.

I always chuckle when I see the cartoon below, drawn by Eric Lewis, depicting earth getting the awful human diagnosis from a

We really are a disgusting, juvenile, and nonsensical species.

No matter what way you try to approach our lives you can see how we feel the need to alter, simplify, and cheat our way through everything. None of which ever comes out being what we expected, wanted, or planned for.

It’s almost like our entire existence is one poorly planned and researched science project.

From destroying our earth to making our own jobs unnecessary, it’s hard to imagine what positive purpose we will eventually hold.

Historically technology seems to be our biggest downfall and despite the fact that it now also holds the only answer to putting off our ultimate demise, we seem hell-bent on using it to cause more damage.

It really is unfortunate that we only seem interested in really pursuing the things that make our own situation worse, or serves no meaningful purpose.

Well, according to some that’s not necessarily true. It is a way to make or save money and isn’t that really what matters in life? I mean, we can eat, drink and breathe money can’t we?


From self-driving vehicles that will eventually put people out of jobs, to artificial intelligence, that will undoubtedly become smarter than us and take over, which realistically wouldn’t be hard as we’re ultimately not that bright, humans are all about pushing boundaries.

I don’t know about you, but I think we need to re-examine our priorities and figure out exactly what it is we want to aspire to.

If you look at what we’ve achieved in our brief history you can see that we are capable of amazing things, and truly everything we need to make our world work already exists or is possible.

Yet we continue to ignore them and blindly stumble forward like some drunk half awake and desperately trying to find the bathroom. Will we find it? Who knows? Will we just settle for a closet? That is definitely a possibility.

Currently, our global community holds the key to ending poverty, hunger, war, as well as reversing climate change, but our short-sightedness, greed, and general hatred of anything we don’t understand continues to hold us back and prevent us from being a great and noble species.

We all joke about the idea that aliens have come here, seen us, and chosen to leave, but it’s a sad truth to the way we view mankind.

As developed and advanced as we like to consider ourselves, humans are truly primitive and unlike the apes we evolved from, there really is no valid excuse for it—we know better.


Humans—we are a peculiar breed.

Desperately searching for the answers in life, while not giving life the chance it needs to truly be wonderful.

Our inability to be happy with what we have will ultimately be our downfall. Some big travesty that in the end will hurt no one but ourselves and the unfortunate victims we take with us.

If you think about it, humans are the suicide bombers of the universe and regrettably insects and animals happened to be living where we decided to detonate. God help the rest of the galaxy if we actually become able to colonize other planets.

But if that doesn’t work out as we’ve planned, realistically our time on this earth will come to an end, the earth will recover and life will begin again.

Ultimately we will go the way of the dinosaurs and no one will be left to tell our stories.

Like those that came before us, we will become just another layer of sediment, an archaeological dig for future species that inhabit this earth and hopefully do a better job than we have.


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