The challenges of travelling with others


A night out in downtown Nashville

When it comes to travelling one may think that the biggest decisions you’re going to make include destination, accommodations, and attractions.

But how much thought do you put into whom you’re travelling with?

To most, friends seem like a natural fit and a logical option, but there are important things to take into account when choosing your travel companion, especially on certain types of trips.

No two people have the exact same interests or travel preferences, and whether it’s your partner, best friend, or someone you met while previously travelling, making sure your goals align is key to ensuring that everyone has the best time possible.

Whether you’re interested in culture, the environment, a night on the town, or some combination of the three, how you approach them during what could be your only visit to a country, is vital to your experience.

So ask your self this, how long have you been planning this experience?

We all have those key destinations that we want to visit. A trip that we’ve spent our whole lives imaging, and dreams planning.

Now, when you look at choosing the person to experience those things with, you need think about whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice anything, or if they would be willing to do the same.

As I stated earlier, no two people want to have the exact same experiences while travelling and even when you do the same things what each of you takes away from it is entirely personal.

For someone who enjoys the night life, early and long days of visiting cultural attractions might not be ideal, while someone who wants to see everything won’t be happy missing a 10 pm bed time for a night of beer and socializing.


An all day adventure in Vietnam.

So, as you plan your trip keep this fact in the back of your mind, when travelling with others it’s important to have wiggle room and a willingness to scratch things off your list, or go outside your comfort zone, should it make all parties comfortable.

In life being with others requires sacrifice and when it comes to travelling it’s much the same thing.

Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or the ambivert caught in between it’s important to have your ideal trip in mind while figuring out whom to take along.

It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to travel but not on the shoulders of others. If there is a trip you are unwilling to budge on then perhaps solo is the best option for you.

Certain people suit certain destinations and that’s a fact. If the jungles of the Amazon don’t make sense to your best friend, then meet her on the streets of Paris, or on a beach in paradise.

There’s so much world out there to explore, it would be impossible to find a destination that doesn’t suit the relationships and personalities of those who are important to you.

So before you sign up for big trip to Europe, or a south American escape, decide what it is you want to get out of the trip, and who will best fit with whatever adventure it is you seek.


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