Tablet typing

Well, let’s give this a try.

Type, type, type, type… Oh for fuck sake.

Owning a tablet is great, it’s compact and easy to take places. This fact is especially obvious right now as I’m travelling for a month and did not want to tote around my laptop.

Trying to be more on top of writing blogs I tried to purchase a keyboard case to help make writing easier. Unfortunately, I was not able to get one prior to my departure without being willing to drive a million places, the downside to living in a small town.

So here I am typing away on the built-in keyboard, cursing as my fingers hit the wrong buttons, some letters are capitalized for what seems like no reason, and all the shortcomings of this piece of technology become more and more obvious.

Oh…. Oh crap… well that’s the last straw for me,  just accidentally deleted half a paragraph.

I’m done.


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