Is it pressing restart or just unpausing?

It’s amazing how your life can get off track from where you want it to be when something you don’t want takes up a lot of your time.

Sadly this has been the reality of my life for some time now but I have been too disappointed with the way things are going to actually step up and spend what free time I do have to make things move ahead.

For five years I have wanted to start my own business doing what started as photography and has moved to include a wide variety of creative ventures like building, writing, painting, and cooking.

Unfortunately, a hectic full-time job has kept me from that and it has taken me some time to get my mind and determination back on track.

With my website sitting untouched, a blog all but deleted, and a Facebook page left abandoned and unloved there is a lot I need to catch up on.

Understanding that my days may get longer, and my rest and relaxation will decrease, today I take the first step in moving ahead and getting to where I should have been many years ago.

At 30 it’s a strange feeling to be essentially starting over, but as long as I don’t have to go back to school to make it happen I am happy to finally be moving in the right direction.

Creativity takes courage.
― Henri Matisse


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