Self PortraiteTo live a life of creativity is to explore the world a little bit more, question the norm, and reach for all that is possible, as well as that which may seem as if it’s beyond reach.

Always having had a connection to the softer and more creative side of life; writing, the arts, and photography have had a big part impact on who I am. Whether it was playing the piano and singing in musicals during my younger years, or capturing the world through a lens and describing it through the written word as I’ve become an adult, there is nothing that makes my heart and mind thrive more than creativity.

Now in my 30s I have become comfortable and confident about myself as well as my abilities, and this has brought me here, a blog to not only share my thoughts and ideas, but to help spread my work and maybe even inspire others.

From cooking, and photography, as well as lots of pieces of my mind and life, this blog will serve as a place where I can vent when needed, and just help expose the world to all that is me.

UnnamedLesley Allan Creative Works is a way for me to explore my abilities as a writer, photographer, as well as a graphic designer in the making, and this blog is an active way to release my work and my inspiration.

Like any writer, or artist, I encourage others to share their opinions and take part in healthy debate. Whether you agree with me, disagree with me, or just want my thoughts on something, this blog is here for all to enjoy and use as a way to connect with myself and the world.

Enjoy, and make sure you take the time to explore what the world and your mind has to offer.


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